Kanye West sits down with the mother of his significant other, Kris Jenner, on her daytime talk show “Kris.” Over the course of the interview, Kanye explains how his relationship with Kim blossomed, having to deal with paparazzi and what he’s experienced in his first few months as a father.  Adding further significance to the interview, Kris and Kanye share a picture of baby North West with the public for the first time ever. Watch the interview above and be sure to share your favorite Kanye quotes from clip in the comment section below.

On confidence:
“When I’m just like walking down the street, I’m a bit more shy and nervous. But when I’m rapping, I’m in my place, like I’m on the court or something.”

On Kim:
“[The first time I met her was] when I was doing Brandy’s video, and I remember asking my manager, ‘who is that girl right there?!’ And he’s like, ‘oh, you mean Kim?’

“I remember seeing pictures of her, I think she was in Australia with Paris Hilton or something, and reading her name and telling my friends, ‘man, have you ever seen Kim Kardajohn?’”

“I was in love with her before I even got to ever talk to her.”

“There’s times when I wasn’t with her, I wanted to be with her so bad that I thought about taking up sports.”

“My grandfather just passed and his whole thing was never about money, it was never about popularity; his whole thing was joy. And she’s my joy and she brought my new joy into the world, and there’s no paparazzi and there’s no blog comment thats gonna take that joy from me.”

On fatherhood:
“For me, as a dad, I’m supposed to be this musical genius and everything, but I can’t really work the car seat that well.”

“You got enough things to deal with and learn as a new parent, and you add that layer [of fame] on top of it, and it just becomes really intense.”

“Even at my lowest points, the last thing I’d want to happen to my daughter is some crazy, drunk, black guy in a leather shirt to cut her off at an awards show.”

“I’m gonna give [North] the opportunity to develop her different skill sets, and then decides what she likes to do the best. Maybe she has a knack for something, maybe she’ll be gifted at something.”

“After I lost my mother, I would put my life at risk. I felt like sometimes I didn’t have something to live for and now I have two special people to live for, a whole family to live for, a whole world to live for.”

On paparazzi:
“It’s hard to smile when you know that people are around you only to make money off of you.”

“I’m gonna talk to the mayor of L.A, I’m gonna talk to the Mayor of New York about zoning. I should be able to drive my daughter to school without 20 people putting other people in danger.”

“People say, ‘Wow, he’s not smiling.’ The thing that makes me happier more than anything is to NOT see [the paparazzi], so if you see them, obviously I’m not gonna smile!”

On art:
“My dad is my idol, Steve Jobs is my idol, my grandfather is my idol, Walt Disney is my idol, because they were able to mix art and commerce equally.”

On past mistakes:
“There’s times when I’m alone on the airplane and I let my own thoughts haunt me.”

Source: DDotOmen/Mr. World Premiere

Kris Jenner Interviews Kanye West