By Maurice Bobb with reporting by Rob Markman

Back in 2005, Busta Rhymes famously cut off his trademark dreadlocks for spiritual and personal reasons, but after rocking a Caesar haircut for years, the Brooklynite decided to ditch the fade and bring “Sampson back.”

“That growth signifies that new defining moment in my life,” Busta told MTV News on the VMA red carpet Sunday night. “I’m at another turning point. We pressin’ the reset button.”

One of the biggest reset buttons the rapper born Trevor Smith pressed was on his musical resurgence, which began with signing with Cash Money Records. Now, the kinetic MC is poised to release his new LP, Extinction Level Event 2, and is exited about the lead single, “Thank You,” which features Lil Wayne, Q-Tip and Kanye West.

“Everything I’ve done up to this point was basically like the boot camp training,” he added. “Now, motherf–ers is in trouble. And it just feels right karmically, spiritually, physically, mentally, everything that I do is based on a vibe and a energy and if the moment is what’s calling for it, we move on it.”

Although the single hasn’t been released yet, Busta took advantage of all of the song’s participants being in New York for the VMAs to shoot the accompanying video with Director X behind the lens.

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Busta Rhymes Growing Back His Dreads After Hitting New Turning Point