For GANT by Michael Bastian’s 2013 fall/winter collection the American menswear brand drew inspiration from the 20th century illustrator Norman Rockwell with the name “In Stockbridge” referring to the small New England town in which the American artist lived as well as worked in. He is best known for his sentimental paintings that frequently graced the cover of The Saturday Evening Post depicting a romanticized American culture with real life scenarios. Also known for its heritage, GANT chose to rework a slew of classic garbs tweaked through the contemporary eye of Michael Bastian with Rockwell’s iconic characters serving as a huge influence. A deep color palette of navy, olive, army beige and oatmeal is highlighted with burgundy, teal, forest green and dark moss accents. Bastian chose to further its Americana aesthetic with utilitarian fabrics that include a chino cotton, corduroy, Shetland wools, cotton flannels and heavy oxford shirting. GANT and Rockwell aficionados alike can grab a closer look at the collection as well as purchase a few choice items here.

GANT by Michael Bastian 2013 Fall/Winter “In Stockbridge” Collection