It used to be when one attended a casino, they could only gamble there. However, this has definitely changed over the years. Today, most casinos are part of a larger resort that also offers other amenities and activities. Hotels are usually part of this as they can provide gamblers with a place to stay while conveniently accessing the casino. In order to further entertain their guests, these casino resorts also offer other forms of entertainment including music. Many have facilities within the complex that accommodate live music acts.
If you want to visit a casino with live music then one option would be several of the casinos in Macau along the Cotai Strip. These casinos have actually surpassed those in Las Vegas as top attractions for international visitors. The Galaxy Macau offers a diverse range of entertainment to meet different preferences. Many of their performers represent local cultures and their musical styles. Not only can visitors to the Galaxy Macau enjoy music but casino gaming as well. Above this gaming area is a large resort equipped with six swimming pools, one of which is a wave pool. An artificial beach was also included in the design built with white sand trucked in for its construction.
Visitors to Singapore can enjoy live musical performances at the Resorts World Sentosa. Like the Galaxy Macau, the Resorts World Sentosa features musicians from the Asian continent. However, they also attract well known pop stars from around the world, such as, the Pet Shop Boys. Of course, other entertainment is provided at the Resorts World Sentosa as well as casino gaming. More than 2400 slot games are found here. Tables available for gaming are over 500 and feature many games common to those who frequent online casinos such as However, expect to find a few local variations.