If you’re looking for a solid shoe that’s lightweight and you can wear year round, look no further. The adidas SL Loop “Royal” is a lifestyle sneaker that boasts comfort, style and carries an Olympic pedigree. In the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, the runners took off their spikes and laced up in the “podium shoe” SL 72, a shoe designed for athletes to wear in between competitions. Traces of the SL 72 can be seen in the this most recent SL Loop Runner through its lightweight upper material, iconic T-toe and sculpted concave midsole that have all been updated for modern standards. Relying on a snug upper and a solid sole, the upper is made of a stretchy textile while the midsole provides excellent cushioning and is super soft. The rubber outsole of the shoe makes for durable traction. The “Black” colorway is the most understated of the group, but makes for timelessness.

Available in stores and online.