#New Music out of DC @Lightshow10thPL – You Too?

Watch and learn as Washington D.C. hip hop artist Lightshow finesses his way through his day and charms a new boo at the same time. Unlike other rappers Lightshow is not shy about showing hometown love and that is why DC provides a strong background for this video. We’re looking forward to seeing what Lightshow’s upcoming mixtape “If these walls could talk” is all about. How do you feel about this video? Let us know below!

#NewMusic from @1CoolAmerika – Make Sum Shake

Check out the new video from Cool America above. This video features plenty of sexy ladies and is definitely another street banger. Stunt and Bally are representing the ATL well. We look forward to hearing more music from them. Tell us how you feel about this video in the comments below.

Hot New Video: Baddest 4 Ever – Krazo

Check out today’s Hot new video from Krazo directed by Alex Acosta. We picked this video for a few reasons, like the chilled out vibe and the authentic look and feel but also for the appreciation of sexy women everywhere. After this track Krazo is on our radar for sure. We want to know what you think so let us know in the comments below!

#NewVideo Krazo – Baddest 4 Ever

This song is for the boss chicks who are in total control and the men who celebrate them. With a chill vibe and more than a few complimentary words Krazo lays out his view of the perfect woman. It is great to see some actual appreciation for women in hip hop music.

Video: Sin The Saint – Sticky

Today we are debuting a new track from Sin The Saint called Sticky. With appearances from many sexy girls this video is as hot as they come. This seductive song is sure to get the party started.

#Newmusic Sticky – Sin The Saint

Up above we have a new video from Sin The Saint called Sticky. Doesn’t sound appetizing right? Thats what we thought only to get proven wrong. After listening to this track we are reminded of all the great things in life that are sticky icky icky. Let us know what you think down below.

New Music From Crime & TouchaMill – We The movement {RoRo Life Ent}

Today NYC rappers Crime & TouchaMill dropped a new video for the single “We the Movement”. This track has a classic new york sound that we would like to hear more of. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

HHC Premiere: @GamerGad – Bananas ft. SkyBlew

We all go through things in life and if you know what I mean then Bananas by Gamergad featuring SkyBlew is for you.
This track focuses on the trials and tribulations of life with a side of game related humor. It is good to hear a song that is this authentic. Let us know what you thought of the song in the comments and on twitter. If you liked it, good news its available for free download here.

Premiere: @YoungNero Feat. Twista – Perfect Timing

This week Young Nero gave us a reason to get excited in the form of a new song featuring none other than Twista called “Perfect Timing”. Though only roughly 5 minutes in length, Perfect Timing is an impactful song. We are looking forward to what’s in store on Young Nero’s upcoming mixtape aptly titled, Perfect Timing.

New Music: @djchose – Everywhere I Go Ft Mc Beezy

Today, DJ Chose is releasing “Everywhere I Go” featuring MC Beezy the latest track off the Incaseyouforgot mixtape. This track is one of many steps in the right direction for DJ Chose. It is only a matter of time before you hear this song on the radio so play it now and tell everyone you heard it first!