In a day where people are being racially profiled after shopping at barneys we are still not congratulating ourselves (the hiphop lovers/community) for bringing the world closer together. The more we as people of all races are faced with this type of hate or profiling the more mainstream news outlets will speak out about it. This in itself will one day bring the world closer to becoming one race and that is human.

So now when the white girl or any girl for that matter brings home someone of a different race the ideals and thoughts of an older generation can be changed. Lets face it we hate to faced with a prejudice but as people we should be ready to change the world in music and in this fashion as well. Hiphop is universally loved and respected as the biggest genre of expression to date. The impact and influence of our culture can be curved can be changed and can be known for many different things.

Today it may be known for the high fashion, the women you have and the cars you drive because we as people who grew up as hiphop lovers came from a certain struggle and the celebration of liberty is well deserved daily. But as we move forward the recognition of the struggles that still exist and the “change the world” aka fuck you attitude will push our culture to a more centralized worldly mind state. With lyrically progressive artists taking the thrown of rap music like Kendrick Lamar, Drake and down to the underground more acknowledged artists like Lupe fiasco or Joe budden we are seeing hiphop come back to being “real” talking expression of feelings and life.

So this may seem like another rant about race to some people or just another writer taking liberties to say what they want. But this hhc realness was just to say: We also love the white girl.

Let barneys or any other corporation or individual continue to separate us and lets be the bigger people are “supposedly” known not to be and keep bringing the world together as one.