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Hot New Video: Baddest 4 Ever – Krazo

Check out today’s Hot new video from Krazo directed by Alex Acosta. We picked this video for a few reasons, like the chilled out vibe and the authentic look and feel but also for the appreciation of sexy women everywhere. After this track Krazo is on our radar for sure. We want to know what you think so let us know in the comments below!

#NewVideo Krazo – Baddest 4 Ever

This song is for the boss chicks who are in total control and the men who celebrate them. With a chill vibe and more than a few complimentary words Krazo lays out his view of the perfect woman. It is great to see some actual appreciation for women in hip hop music.

Video: Sin The Saint – Sticky

Today we are debuting a new track from Sin The Saint called Sticky. With appearances from many sexy girls this video is as hot as they come. This seductive song is sure to get the party started.

#Newmusic Sticky – Sin The Saint

Up above we have a new video from Sin The Saint called Sticky. Doesn’t sound appetizing right? Thats what we thought only to get proven wrong. After listening to this track we are reminded of all the great things in life that are sticky icky icky. Let us know what you think down below.