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Michael K. Williams Joins Spike Lee Film

The crowdfunded project has reached its Kickstarter goal.
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Raz B Coma Story Was A Hoax

You can officially go back to hating Raz B again. Reports of the former B2K singer being in a coma and on life support were a hoax, according to his manager.

Late last week, the struggle & B crooner was hit in the face with a bottle while trying to break up a fight. There was evidence of that, thanks to pictures showing his bloodied face.

Then the story got shifty—Hip-Hop Wired pointed out the shady details, or lack thereof—when after leaving the hospital, Raz B was allegedly re-admitted the next day when one of his dancers was unable to wake him. Turns out that was a tall tale.

CNN reports that Raz’s manager, Elayne Rivers, informed them on Monday (August 19) that the Raz B being in a coma portion of the story was a hoax. “The comments about Raz being in a coma did not come from his official representative,” Rivers told CNN.

Also, Raz’s brother Ricky Romance said that he was misled about his kin’s condition.


“I was unfortunately unable to contact my brother at the time and then panicked,” Romance told CNN. “I then alerted as many people of this information hoping to gather facts… Since the source that gave me this information was what I thought to be legitimately reliable I didn’t question I just believed. I apologize if I seem like I jumped to conclusions but a coma is a serious situation and it was concerning my brother whom is my best friend as well. I sincerely apologize for the confusion I caused if that is the case.”

Of course, when the jig was up, Raz B started trying to cover his tracks. TMZ’s original source, a woman named Toy Jones, never confirmed what hospital Raz B was admitted to in China. Soon enough Jones started saying that Raz B had experienced a “miraculous” recovery. CNN chose not to run with Jones’ claims and also received an e-mail from Raz B asking that no story be published.

Raz B certainly got plenty of publicity, and sympathy, from this story. But now, after surely shaking their heads at the audacity of this guy, everyone will go back to not caring.

Photo: TMZ


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Agenda Las Vegas: The Hypebeast “Old Friends” Photobooth

Undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences within the creative  industry are the friends you encounter and interact with. During the inaugural showing of Agenda Las Vegas that recently wrapped up, we were provided a small studio space. And given the opportunity we wanted to capture some of that innate energy and friendship that comes from working closely with your friends you’ve become so connected with — thanks to those countless long nights and early mornings.

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Earl Sweatshirt Addresses His Dark Lyrics

”I’m Not Some Evil Guy”
6:00AM ET August 21st, 2013
Contributor : Martin James
A Rocky Williform Company

Earl Sweatshirt Addresses His Dark Lyrics

Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt has endured criticism in the past for the dark imagery in his lyrics. The rhymer has referenced rape, sexual assault and other macabre acts in his past music, but says that he’s grown a lot and his perspective on such subject matter has changed.

“I’m an adult. I can’t be fucking talking about raping people and sh*t,” he told GQ. “That sh*t’s crazy. As an adult, if you want to talk about rape, there’s certain sh*t that comes along with it.”

Earl referenced his work with sexual assault victims.

“Yeah, so you get to see that side of the fence, and then it’s just f**ked,” he said. “That’s what I’m saying. That fully draws the line, where it’s like you can stand on either side. Either you’re a fool that is down with f**ked up sh*t – I mean, I’m a fan of macabre sh*t, you know what I’m saying? But not like that. At the end of the day, I’m not some evil guy.”

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Jacques Lu Cont & Alex Metric featuring Malin – Safe With You

We first caught wind of Alex Metric and Jacques Lu Cont’s summer anthem “Safe With You” featuring Malin back in June, and with its official release date just around the corner on September 22, the collaborative forces have now released the official music video. Despite the tracks definite summery beats, with bouncy electronic beats meshing perfectly with Malin’s light yet sultry vocals, the music video steps away from the sunshine an on to an ice rink, focusing on the performance artistry of two skating partners. Surreal image editing further emphasizes the silhouette and construction of the skater’s performances, creating breathtaking shapes and patterns upon the ice.

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Video: Talib Kweli – Human Mic

Kweli drops his latest visual from Prisoner of Conscious.

Previously: Talib Kweli Talks Kendrick’s “Control” Verse | Pretty Lights ft. Talib Kweli – Around The Block (Live on Conan)

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K. Michelle Explains Meeting Her Boyfriend

”He Was Just Bustin’ My Ex’s Butt”
6:00AM ET August 21st, 2013
Contributor : Erica Moore
A Rocky Williform Company

K. Michelle Explains Meeting Her Boyfriend

Did K. Michelle start dating NBA player Lance Stephenson just because his Indiana Pacers beat the New York Knicks in the 2013 NBA Playoffs? Those same Knicks who her ex-boyfriend J.R. Smith happens to play for? She certainly indicated as much in a recent interview.

“The other guy I was dating, they were in the playoffs together. I was watching the game and it was this chocolate dude. He was just ballin’. He was just bustin’ my ex’s butt,” K. Michelle told Power 99′s The Rise N’ Grind Morning. “I was like, ‘Whoa, who is that? He is fine!’ I Googled him and he was already following me on Twitter, but I didn’t say nothing. I followed him back [on Twitter] but I didn’t say nothing. I figured I’d run into him, it was so crazy. I put up a Vine and was following him on Vine and he said something and one day I commented on his Vine back. Then one day in front of everybody he just gave me his phone number on Vine. I said, ‘What are you doing? Do you know my fans will call you?’ He was like, ‘I ain’t care. I was trying to get to you.’ So that was it. I let him make his move and he did. I didn’t know if we would ever talk or nothing like that and he said he had been looking at me for a while.”

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Rip Zinger’s “Skatality” Episode 1 Featuring Yoppi

Skater and photographer Rip Zinger proudly presents the inaugural episode of his new Skatality series that showcases some of his favorite skaters. The photographer has been a worldly travel but sticks close to home int his inaugural showing. This first episode welcomes Harajuku-icon Yoppi who has been pivotal in promoting action sport culture while Yoshifumi Egawa also makes an appearance.

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WHO RAN IT?!: Tatyana Ali Vs. Estelle In PIA PAURO

 photo tatyanavsestelleybf_zpsdd761ccf.jpg

It’s a vibrant face-off!  YBF chicks Tatyana Ali & Estelle both rocked the same multi-colored Pia Pauro dress. But you decide who rocked it BEST inside…


Tatyana Ali first rocked this multicolor beaded cocktail dress by Pia Pauro back in April to hit the red carpet of the 2013 Radio Disney Music Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live.  The bronzed and gorge "Second Generation Wayans" star paired her polished look with mustard Eric Rutberg pumps and only a pair of stud earrings to accessorize.

"Call These Boys" singer Estelle popped up in East Hampton, New York this weekend in the same Pia Pauro dress.  The fashion lover performed at Saturday’s Compound Foundation 2nd Annual "Fostering A Legacy" Benefit hosted by Ne-Yo & Mission BIG.   And she paired her dress with black sandals and plenty of bangles and bracelets to make the colors pop.






Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America

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A$AP Rocky Calls Kendrick Lamar “Crazy”

”You Smoking Crack”
6:00AM ET August 21st, 2013
Contributor : Stephen Willis
A Rocky Williform Company

A$AP Rocky Calls Kendrick Lamar ''Crazy''

Harlem native A$AP Rocky was asked to weigh in on Kendrick Lamar’s infamous “King of New York” declaration in his controversial guest verse on Big Sean’s “Control” track. Rocky laughed off Kendrick’s claim, but acknowledged that the verse was call to arms.

“I feel like—I mean, that king of New York sh*t, you smoking crack. Like you crazy. You know what I mean?” Rocky told Funkmaster Flex.

“Honestly though, K-Dot and them n***as, that’s fam yo,” Rocky revealed. “I think hip hop need this sh*t, man. It’s n***as who’s pissed off just because they wasn’t mentioned. I just feel like I don’t understand how the n***a never—I’m not justifying sh*t, n***a. Rap is rap, my n***a. The n***a didn’t say nothing about nobody mother. N***a ain’t say he wanted the five minutes from nobody. He said ‘These is my n***as and I’m letting y’all know it’s competition.’ What’s the problem?”

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