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Mariah Carey Shuts Down Nick Cannon on ‘Wild ‘N Out’

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

No one messes with Mariah. Nick Cannon learned the hard way when his wife surprised him on his MTV2 show “Wild ‘N Out.” The comedian was trying to flirt with his female co-star when Mrs. Cannon appeared from backstage with two bodyguards in tow.

“I will shut all this shit down!” said the pop diva as she pushed her hubby to the side.

“I know, I’m sorry,” replied an embarrassed Nick.

Watch Mimi’s hilarious cameo below.


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Just Blaze Credits Amil With Making Him A Go-To Roc-A-Fella Producer [VIDEO]

Just Blaze and Jay Z have made some classic joint over the years including “U Don’t Know” and “P.S.A.” Interestingly, Just Blaze credits former Roc-a-fella artist Amil for at least partly paving for the way for him to becoming one of the label’s, and Hova’s, go-to producers. 

The renowned producer told Hip-Hop Wired it was Hip-Hop Since 1978′s G. Roberson that brought him into the fold with hopes of forming a production team. That didn’t pan out, but Just ended up meeting Amil.

“Me and Amil got along really well,” recalls Just Blaze, who was working at the Cutting Room Studio at the time. “I guess my in really was probably engineering [Amil's] whole album. I recorded that entire album, engineer wise. Then I also co-produced and touched up a lot of the producer’s other beats on that album.”

One of the songs on Amil’s aforementioned All Money Is Legal debut is what made Jay-Z a believer in the then up and coming beatsmith.

Says Just, “Jay wasn’t really messing with me for like the first year. Then I did this record with Amil and Bathgate called ‘That’s Right’ and Jay heard it and was like I’m jumping on that [and was like] who did the beat? Once I did a record that he liked, then he was a little more receptive.”

Just Blaze also talks his relationship with Damon Dash and Hova demo’ing “Streets Is Talking” (from The Dynasty: Roc La Familia) off a cassette, which got him an invite down to Baseline Studios.

Just Blaze and Baauer’s single and video for “Higher,” featuring Jay Z, is officially out now. Peep the interview below.

[There is a video that cannot be displayed in this feed. Visit the blog entry to see the video.]

Photo: Hip-Hop Wired

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Batman: Arkham Origins “Nowhere to Run” Trailer

With pre-orders currently available for its October 25 release, Warner Bros. Games Montreal presents its latest “Nowhere to Run” trailer to Batman: Arkham Origins. In the third installment to its Arkham series, this storyline is set on Christmas Eve approximately five years before the time in which Batman: Arkham Asylum took place as it follows a younger and less refine Batman. Crime lord Black Mask has placed a million bounty on The Dark Knight’s head which has drawn eight of the world’s deadliest assassins to claim their prize including the Joker, Bane, Deathstroke and Firefly. What’s more, Batman must also attempt to gain the trust of Gotham’s police force as they battle to decide whether he’s a vigilante, comrade, myth or supernatural. Batman: Arkham Origins will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC.

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WHOOPSIE: Dwyane Wade’s Foundation SUED Over Marching Band Mishap, Drum Stick Went Upside Woman’s Head

 photo DwyaneWadeRedCarpetArrivalsESPYAwardsbq04enZYL4dl.jpg

Dwyane Wade’s Wade Foundation had been sued by a woman who claims to have suffered injuries from being struck with a bass drum mallet. Get more on this story inside….. 

A Chicago woman is suing Dwyane Wade’s foundation claiming she was injured during a Wade’s World charity event when she was struck by a bass drum mallet as a marching band charged down the aisle.

Andrea Alexander brought the ,000 lawsuit saying she was seated in an aisle seat at the foundation’s "Chicago Has Talent" event last year when a drummer from a high school marching band hit her in the head with his bass drum mallet. She says she suffered severe and permanent injuries. 

Andrea feels Dwyane’s foundation is at fault for negligently allowing the band to play in the narrow aisles. She is also suing the venue and the band’s high school.

So far, Wade’s World has not responded to the lawsuit.  Severer and permanent injuries though?  Hmm….



Speaking of sports stars, in honor of their 25th anniversay, NIKE has put a very clever spin on their "Just Do It" campaign with a new mini-movie directed by the acclaimed Nicolai Fuglsig narrated by Bradley Cooper. Hoping to inspire viewers to push their physical limits, the clip shows normal folks challenging the sporting world’s greatest athletes like LeBron James, the NBA’s multi MVP, the world’s number one tennis player Serena Williams, and boxing sensation Andre Ward.

Davide Grasso, Nike Global Chief Marketing Officer said, "For 25 years, we’ve been inspiring people to Just Do It. With "Possibilities" we’re evolving that concept and actually enabling people to realise new heights, work towards new goals, and to physically Just Do It through Nike+.’

Check it.

Photo via Getty


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Nike Air Max Hyperposite “Tournament of Champions” PE

A holdover from last year, the Nike Air Max Hyperposite is still making its rounds, premiering unexpectedly in new colorways. Courtesy of Dallas Penn, we get a two-minute look at a rare player exclusive dubbed the “Tournament of Champions.” Slate grey is the color of choice for the Foamposite portion, while jarring hues of neon green cloak the Hyperfuse upper, 360 Max Air unit and outsole. Given the nature of PEs, the likelihood of these dropping anytime soon is unknown, but nevertheless, stay tuned to Nice Kicks for updates.

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Handpresso Auto – An Espresso Machine for Your Car

handpresso auto an espresso machine for your car 0 Handpresso Auto   An Espresso Machine for Your Car

Our cars already heat our seats, provide in-dash entertainment, and can even automatically brake if it sees a stop ahead, so why did it take so long for it to make us a cup of joe? Handpresso thankfully took care of this for us, creating a new addition to their line of mobile espresso machines with the introduction of the Handpresso Auto. Shaped to look like a water bottle, but powerful enough to turn every car into your own barista, the Handpresso takes a couple ounces of water and a circular pod of coffee grounds and, in two minutes, you’ll have a steamy cup of expresso. The entire set-up is powered by your car’s 12V cigarette lighter port and will beep when you drink is ready so you won’t have to take your eyes off the road. As suggested in the video, make sure to practice responsible brewing by pulling over before getting started. You can buy the Handpresso Auto now for about 0 via the Handpresso online store.

0 Handpresso Auto   An Espresso Machine for Your Car

handpresso auto an espresso machine for your car 1 570x760 Handpresso Auto   An Espresso Machine for Your Car

handpresso auto an espresso machine for your car 2 570x783 Handpresso Auto   An Espresso Machine for Your Car

handpresso auto an espresso machine for your car 3 570x760 Handpresso Auto   An Espresso Machine for Your Car

handpresso auto an espresso machine for your car 4 570x526 Handpresso Auto   An Espresso Machine for Your Car

handpresso auto an espresso machine for your car 5 570x380 Handpresso Auto   An Espresso Machine for Your Car

handpresso auto an espresso machine for your car 6 570x760 Handpresso Auto   An Espresso Machine for Your Car

handpresso auto an espresso machine for your car 7 570x421 Handpresso Auto   An Espresso Machine for Your Car

handpresso auto an espresso machine for your car 8 570x698 Handpresso Auto   An Espresso Machine for Your Car

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Kanye West Appears on ‘Kris Jenner Show’ [Sneak Peek]

Kanye West and Kris Jenner

On Friday, Kanye West will sit down with Kris Jenner in his first television appearance since the birth of North West. During the rare interview, which was taped earlier this week, West opens about fatherhood, living with the Jenner family, his relationship with the press, and his love for Kim.

Baby North is also set to make her big debut. A photo of Kim and Kanye’s newborn was reportedly shown during Monday’s taping.

In the brief teaser, a smiling Kanye is greeted warmly by his girlfriend’s mother before joining her on the couch. Get a sneak peek of Friday’s finale below.


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Georgia Student Slapped With 5 Year Social Media Ban After Making Threats

A former college student who was arrested in February for making violent threats via Tumblr was given a five-year probation sentence Tuesday (August 20). The sentence also bars the student from using social media during that time as well.

Georgia State University psychology major Caleb Clemmons, 20, wrote an ill-advised post via his Tumblr account on February 8. The message read, “[H]ello. my name is irenigg and i plan on shooting up georgia southern. pass this around to see the affect it has. to see if i get arrested.”

Clemmons was arrested later that day, and had been held at Bulloch County Jail since that time up until his release yesterday. No guns or actual plans to shoot up the school were found when Clemmons was arrested. The county set his bond at ,000 – a number too high for his family to afford. After Clemmons pleaded guilty, Georgia Superior Court Judge John Turner handed out the sentence.

Not only is Clemmons banned from social media, he is also banned from entering four counties in the state, has to complete a mental health evaluation and was sentenced with six months in jail which he already had served. Clemmons was also ordered to a detention center, but that has been suspended.

Clemmons maintained that the post was “an experimental literary piece and an art project” but that didn’t fly with prosecutors, who charged him with making terroristic threats via a computer. According to Clemmons’ attorney, the state wasn’t taking any chances after the Sandy Hook tragedy and other related matters.

It was deemed to be at least a threat, if nothing else,” Clemmons’ lawyer Jack Williamson said to The Verge. “That’s what terroristic threats are. It’s not carrying through with any acts, because if there was some act involved, then it would carry up to a 10-year prison sentence.”

[Props to Gawker]

Photo: Tumblr

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Summer Camp — Fresh (Fyfe Remix)

With Summer Camp’s self-titled album arriving in October, the indie pop duo receives some added promo, courtesy of producer Fyfe. The young London act has here remixed the English tandem’s “Fresh” track, now making it a more enchanting, chopped up variation. In short, the original is great, and so is this entry from Fyfe. We suggest you press play below to enjoy. Summer Camp will be landing on October 8.

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Video: Crooked I ft. Tena Jones – Nobody Cares

Off that Apex Predator, which is out now.

Previously: Crooked I – Skee Live Freestyle (Video) | Crooked I – No Sleep Gang (Video)

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